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Why was WQMS Founded?

We are passionate about leading a change in how the mining industry handles weld repairs. The mining industry has been struggling for too long with substandard repairs, resulting in ongoing cracking issues, snowballing repair costs for aging equipment, and reduced viable service life. We believe that the objective of a weld repair should be to restore, or even improve, the original fatigue life of the cracked component. We founded WQMS because we passionately believe that the industry should have better quality weld repairs. Our aim is to empower the mining industry so that they can expect more out of their weld repairs, and have certainty that repairs are done right.

The mining industry has a problem of aging equipment and a snowballing issue of cracking. Much of this cracking develops from poor quality weld repairs, which will re-crack after a short period, or can even cause additional or more severe cracking than what was repair. This results in increased repair costs, increased downtime, and reduced asset life. This is in large part because the mining industry does not have the technical welding ability, but is also because the various Standards for welding (Australian and International) do not adequately address the practical requirements for in-situ weld repairs of heavy equipment. Our mission is help the mining industry get the most out of its equipment by minimising fatigue cracking issues. We apply expert metallurgy and welding knowledge, with practical welding experience to develop repair procedures, methodologies and ITP’s that ensure cracks are properly repaired.


The WQMS Founders

Simon Krismer

Simon Krismer

Bachelor of Materials Engineering

Chartered Professional Engineer

Certified Materials Professional

Registered Professional Engineer Queensland

Simon is renowned in the mining industry, with close to 20 years of metallurgy and root cause failure analysis consulting experience to the coal mining industry in the Hunter Valley and Bowen Basin coal mining regions. Having completed more than 1000 investigations, Simon knows why and how equipment fails. Many of these failures are due to welding related issues, which could have been avoided or even prevented altogether through better quality welding and attention to fatigue detail and design. He believes that understanding the mode and causes of cracking means that action can be taken to prevent cracking or improve fatigue life, rather than just “repairing” with the goal of making the “crack disappear”. Simon instigated and is leading the ACARP project “Preventing fatigue cracking via planned surface dressing of critical areas”, with the goal of developing techniques and proving the concept that fatigue life can be restored by removing the very thin surface layer of accumulated fatigue damage as a preventative maintenance action. Simon has in-depth knowledge of the fundamental metallurgical principles involved with welding, as well as the technical aspects of welding processes, and uses this to provide advice for repairs of critical components.

Simon has acted as an Expert Witness in a number of legal cases. Simon has been an active member of the Australasian Corrosion Association for more than 15 years, and is Past President of the Newcastle Branch. He has written a number of papers on failure analysis, corrosion issues and research, presented at a number of conferences, and is a guest lecturer on Engineering Materials at Newcastle University. Simon is also a PhD candidate at Newcastle University.

Eddy Constable

Cert 10 AS1796

AS2214 welding supervisor / inspector


Cert IV Engineering and Fabrication

Eddy is welding professional who is highly regarded by his peers and the welding industry. With over over 12 years experience as a welding professional in multiple industry sectors, although mostly in mining, Eddy has gained first-hand knowledge of the nature of the cracking and weld repair issues that the mining industry faces. This means that he understands precisely where the industry’s challenges lie and how successful outcomes can be achieved without sacrificing quality. His invaluable skills and experience, combined with his depth of technical understanding, means that Eddy brings a pragmatic and practical approach to the weld repair process.

Eddy has spent his entire welding career dedicating himself to perfecting his welding skills and professionally developing his welding knowledge along the way. Eddy’s welding discipline began with a cert III in Engineering & Fabrication (Trade boilermaker) before progressing to cert IV, he used this as the foundation towards advanced specialised welding, dragline boom welding and pressure welding proficiencies. Eddy has specialised in advanced repair techniques using some of the industry’s most technically advanced equipment available.

Eddy is a past WorldSkills Welding competitor that has represented NSW and Australia at a National level, throughout his WorldSkills involvement he has been fortunate to receive private training from leading international expert welders. Eddy has received multiple awards throughout his career, such as the Metals trade award, WorldSkills regional gold medalist, just to name a few. Eddy continues to be a passionate Worldskills supporter where he volunteers his time as a Regional & National Judge, Mentor and is also involved in running welding training camps so that he can share his passion and knowledge with the next generation of welders. Eddy has over six years experience as a Cert 10 Welding Supervisor and Inspector, and has also traveled abroad to study at some of the industry’s key welding Institutes.

Eddy is so passionate about welding – he even practices religiously at home in his spare time!

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