The WQMS Concept

The WQMS Solution

It is easy to find problems. It’s hard to find solutions that work. WQMS delivers crack repair solutions for the mining industry. We provide expert consultancy for custom repairs of chronic and severe cracking issues, and also for the reclamation of “non-repairable” components. 

WQMS has developed the AICARM™ (Asset Inspection, Condition Assessment and Repair Management) system in order to address all of the issues identified in this article, and provides a robust, practical and easy to use welding management framework. AICARM™ demystifies the weld repair management process, so that there is no need for reliance on welding experts for most of the weld repairs of cracking. At its core, AICARM™ is a comprehensive suite of training, site procedures, technical support, QA documentation and welder competency for weld repair management of heavy equipment. AICARM™ has been specifically designed to address the needs and challenges of the mining industry, and fully integrates into existing workflows and supports all existing roles. AICARM™ has been built on the basis of fundamental metallurgical principles relating to fatigue cracking and optimised repair welding, combined with practical welding expertise and in depth experience of equipment cracking. 

 WQMS also provides training and support services to upskill staff involved at all stages of the repair process so that they know what their responsibilities are, and what is important. We also provide boilermaker training and coaching that is assessed via our unique welder competency assessment, with the records accessible via our online competency database, so that you know that the welder doing the work is up to the task.

Current StateWQMS Solution
Short TermPoor quality repairs with defectsRe-cracking prevented
Rapid re-cracking of repairsReturned to original condition or better
Medium TermIncreased inspection costsReduced inspection costs
Multiple repairs in the same region leading to extra crackingLess cracking to repair during planned maintenance. Better repair management. Less downtime
Snowballing workload for repairs as new cracks appear
More urgent and out of schedule repairs
Unable to repair all cracks within planned maintenance
Increased maintenance costsReduced maintenance costs
Increased risk of failures
Long TermReduced asset availability/productivityIncreased asset availability/productivity
Reduced overall effective asset lifeExtended asset life

The WQMS Principles

WQMS is built from the strong foundations of the combination of a Quality System, Welding Metallurgy, Repair Methodology, and Inspection/Supervision, brought together in a customised solution for the mining industry. The WQMS™ 5C’s are our principles and define how we deliver results.


WQMS provides repair solutions for the mining industry that are practical, pragmatic and deliver results. We understand the mining industry. We know the challenges and limitations and constraints and know how to successfully adapt the approach so that maximum value from every weld repair can still be achieved.


WQMS has the combination of technical expertise and practical know-how to deliver solutions for every crack repair. Furthermore, our WQMS™ CRM online portal integrates with your workflow and provides you the capability to manage your own weld repairs, rather than having to outsource to contractors.


Ensure that the welder doing the work is up to the task. WQMS™ has developed a custom welder competency assessment method that simulates actual repairs and grades welders from Level 1 to Level 3. This ensures that the right welder can be selected for the job in order to achieve a high quality repair.


We provide a complete integrated workflow solution that helps you ensure completion and quality of work. Procedural systems are only of value if they are followed and are auditable. The WQMS™ CRM provides a combination of technical detail, strategy, and quality assurance with role specific actions and responsibilities.


With WQMS you can be confident that you can get the most out of your equipment, by ensuring that weld repairs are done right.

The WQMS™ CRM Portal

We are developing an online Crack Repair Management (CRM) software tool that will provide holistic management of the weld repair process, which integrates into site procedural systems and staff roles. It acts as a decision support tool for assessing how a crack repair needs to be managed. The tool will generate the required repair procedure, methodology and ITP based on the location and size of the cracking found via inspections. The welder competency requirement for the repair is also specified. This makes it easier for welding contractor engagement, by

a) Ensuring suitably competent welders are assigned in advance to the work.

b) Standardising the technical repair process, rather than having variation between contractors

c) Establishing a common benchmark so that Welding Contractors know what the expectations are in terms of repair procedure and quality requirements

d) Empowering site personnel and supervisors to be able to confidently inspect work done and sign off at hold points in the ITP.

We are doing this by using our expertise to strip the repair process back to metallurgical fundamentals in order to really know what is important and why. We are applying engineering design and fatigue cracking theory in order to deliver repairs that outperform and deliver maximum value. We use this information to form our technical and quality basis, then apply a practical and pragmatic approach that takes into consideration the challenges and limitations with doing repairs in-situ.Combined with our unique welder competency assessment and welder competency database, it allows the right welder to be allocated to the job. The WQMS CRM enables mine sites to be confident in obtaining high quality crack repairs, without needing a welding expert in their staff or as a consultant.

If you would like to know more, or participate in a pilot program, please contact us.

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The WQMS Concept

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Crack Repair Solutions


Providing solutions for chronic and/or severe cracking issues in all equipment. We provide the technical detail and support, and work with your preferred welding supplier to ensure you get the best repair outcome.

Don’t throw critical components such as steering arms and wheel motor frames away because they have cracks in them. We can repair them and ensure that they are safe and fit for extended service.

In order to get the job done right, sometimes it is necessary to have an expert welding supervisor on hand in order to advise on the repair and monitor the work done by the welding crew. And if you have no procedures and no welder competency tests, then sometimes your welding supervisor is all you can rely on.

Want to know the current state of your business in terms of how weld repairs are handled? We can provide an audit process so that you have a clear understanding of where your business is now, and what can be done to get you to the next level. WQMS can also audit your welding contractors to ensure that they are delivering the service you require.

Want to know the current state of your business in terms of how weld repairs are handled? We can provide an audit process so that you have a clear understanding of where your business is now, and what can be done to get you to the next level. WQMS can also audit your welding contractors to ensure that they are delivering the service you require.

WQMS provide a range of training and coaching services. Our half day welding awareness training will take your staff to the next level. We can also provide focussed training for your welders, teach them new techniques and upskill, and enable them to pass their welder competency test piece.

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